Return Policy

Everything related to changes, cancellations and refunds on our flight tickets.

Last update: September 19, 2023

Terms and Refund Policies:

1.1 Application. Airline tickets are non-refundable. The only recourse for any passenger to request a refund of an unused portion of their ticket is under the following conditions:
  • Refunds are allowed if the ticket is less than 24 hours old and the departure date of the trip is more than 7 days away.
  • Due to flight cancellation due to any failure of Air Century to operate as scheduled, except as a result of the passenger’s breach of the transportation contract, or as a result of governmental request, unforeseen circumstances, or force majeure; or when advisable in Air Century’s sole discretion due to weather or other conditions beyond the airline’s control including Acts of God, strikes, civil unrest, border closure, WHO declared pandemic, and other similar matters of force majeure or act of God.
No refund will be applied when Air Century provides alternative transportation accepted by the passenger. Refunds when applicable may be made on all or part of the unused fare, surcharges and taxes on a ticket in accordance with the fare conditions. 1.2 Partials. Partial refunds will be made by deducting the value of the legs used based on the fare applicable to the date of the flight, when the Passenger purchases a ticket in a fare that can only be sold round trip; if the fare does not require round trip sales, only the value used in the purchased fare will be deducted. 1.3 Taxes. In accordance with applicable law, Air Century will refund taxes and fees that have not been transferred to the appropriate collecting agency. In the event that such taxes and fees have been transferred, the Passenger must apply for a Refund at his or her own expense to the appropriate entity and Air Century will not be responsible for such action.

Voluntary Refunds

2.1. Charges and Penalties.  CARRIER may apply penalties for Refunds when requested for reasons not attributable to the airline, including errors attributable to the Passenger such as duplicate purchases or failure to present identification in accordance with the conditions of purchase for the Ticket to be refunded.

Procedure for obtaining Reimbursements and/or Indemnities

  • To request a refund or compensation, the passenger must contact our Contact Center with their ticket number or reservation code and the necessary details to validate their case. Air Century verifies the refund application and will define the type of compensation applicable.
  • Once your refund request has been confirmed, you will not be able to reverse the transaction. Please note that when you request a refund for a ticket, all unused flight segments on that ticket will be cancelled.
  • Due to banking processes, it may take up to 30 days for the funds to be reflected on your account statement.
  • Refunds must be requested from the commercial entity that issued your ticket. If you purchased your ticket through a travel agency, you must request a refund directly from the agency.
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