Bombardier CRJ200

The CRJ-200 airplane is a regional aircraft designed and manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. The CRJ-200 can accommodate 50 passengers in a standard configuration and is known for its fuel efficiency and its ability to operate at regional airports and shorter runways. It is a popular choice for regional routes around the world and is appreciated for its reliability and in-flight performance.

Bombardier CRJ200 Air Century.png

Cessna Citation VII

The Cessna Citation VII is an executive business jet known for its performance and comfort on short and medium haul executive flights. The Citation VII is capable of carrying 8 passengers in a spacious and comfortable cabin. This aircraft has significant range and a fast cruise speed, making it suitable for efficient business travel. It is valued for its versatility and ability to operate at a wide variety of airports. Available for those who wish to travel in luxury and privacy will have this reliable option to reach their destination.

BAE Jetstream 31/32

The BAE Jetstream 31 is a short-haul regional turboprop aircraft produced by British Aerospace. It can carry 19 passengers in a two-row cabin design. The Jetstream 31 is known for its efficiency on regional and short-haul flights, being used on routes connecting small cities and remote regions. It is a popular aircraft due to its reliability and ability to operate on shorter runways.

ATR 72-202F

The ATR 72-202F is a variant of the ATR 72 aircraft, designed specifically for cargo transport. It is a medium-sized twin-engine turboprop aircraft manufactured by the French-Italian aeronautical company ATR. It can efficiently transport cargo over short to medium distances, making it ideal for regional cargo operations. It offers a balance of cargo capacity and versatility in a reliable and efficient aircraft.

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