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Driving Excellence in Dominican Aviation

Our commitment to excellence in aviation is reflected in the people who make up our team. Not only do we strive to provide an exceptional travel experience, but we also deeply value our contribution to the local economy. We are proud to employ mostly talented Dominicans who share our passion for aviation and customer service.

In addition, we invest in the training and personal growth of our team, not only to provide you with the best service, but also to empower our employees and strengthen the community. Every member of our team plays a vital role in ensuring that your travel experience is safe, comfortable and memorable. Meet the passionate and dedicated people who make flying with us an unforgettable experience.

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Omar Chahin

CEO & Founder

Seibano machetero, with long nails and light feet, founded the company based on a dream of taking to the skies as a child, unleashing a passion for flying that led him to train as a pilot and establish Air Century in 1992, the Dominican airline with the longest trajectory in the market.

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Fabio Nina

VP, Commercial & Charters

Having an outstanding 21-year track record in the Caribbean airline industry, he has played a pivotal role as Vice President of Commercial and Charters, contributing to the company’s growth and sustained success.
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Carlos Jiménez

Executive VP

With an unwavering dedication of 13 years with the company, he serves as Management and Safety Director. His extensive knowledge of business development and commitment to safety has set exceptional labor standards.

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Jessica Chahin

Product Manager

A professional with a background in design, she drives the successful implementation of digital solutions, establishing strategic alliances and adopting new technologies that add value to the company.
felipe gutierrez air century.png

Felipe Gutiérrez

Commercial Director

With 12 years of experience in strategic spaces, including an outstanding trajectory in commercial aviation, he is a versatile professional with remarkable skills in managing corporate portfolios in diverse areas.
jenny ramos air century.png

Jenny Ramos

HR Manager

An outstanding HR professional with a solid track record, her passion for talent development and team management has led her to excel in identifying and attracting talent, as well as implementing policies and programs that promote an inclusive and high-performance work environment.

For us, what matters is your flying experience.

As a family-owned business, we take customer service very seriously. We value authenticity and are always available to provide our customers with a personalized and genuine experience. We are committed to always being there for our customers, listening and receiving their comments with the and receiving their comments with the attention they deserve.
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